Motorradical Adventure Motorcycle Accessories "Enginerred for Adventure" & imported to Australia by Motorcycle Adventure Products

3DX Motorradical are South Africa's premier manufacturer of adventure motorcycle accessories.  Focusing on 'hard parts' not bling, their great range of tough gear is designed & developed for qtheir demanding conditions which makes them perfect for Australian adventure riding.  As their motto says, their products are "Enginerred for Adventure" and they are proudly imported to Australia by Motorcycle Adventure Products.


SKU: A09340

Brake Lever Extn


SKU: A09300

Clutch Reservoir Protector Alu


SKU: A09092

F800GS Rear Brake Master Guard


SKU: A09309

Front Mster Cyl Guard F800GS 2013 onward


SKU: A09330

Gear Lever Extension Alu & SS


SKU: A09350

Glare Shield BMW R1200GS 2004-2013


SKU: A09715

HB Risers BMW K50K51 15mm


SKU: A09710

HB Risers BMW K50K51 30mm


SKU: A09220

HeadLight & Oil Red Guard Alu


SKU: A09670

Headlight Guard R1200GS LC & Adventure


SKU: A09731



SKU: A09760

K51 OE E/G supprt BMW R1200GSA


SKU: A09770

K51 OE upper E/G supprt BMW R1200GSA


SKU: A09380

Pivot Point Cover


SKU: A09696

R/B Res Prot R1200GS LC BLK


SKU: A09780

R1200GS S/Stand Switch Guard


SKU: A09705

Rad Guard set BMW R1200GS K50/K51


SKU: A9720

Screen Stabiliser R1200GSLC&A


SKU: A09850

Side Stand Foot F650GS singles / Sertao