Well it seems today is the day!

Author: Ron  

After 6 months of hard work with many many hundreds of hours of data work (by us) it seems today is the day! 
Not that our store is actually fully complete (are they ever?), but if we awaited for that goal to be kicked it would be another month or two + ...

So we are cutting over the new on-line store today!

Not for the faint-hearted when your business covers near ALL facets of motorcycling with nearly a thousand bike models or year sets spanning over 45 years. 
Note for the future!  Researching then buying a new web portal system is the just first step.  As what you then get is the empty building with the shiny new signs out front. 
Walk inside and it is an empty shell with a huge pile of shelving components on the floor. 

So where is the real work, those hundreds && ... of hours?  It is by the owners of the business!  They put up the shelves in the layout they want.  They then populate those shelves and write the descriptions of each & every product.  Web developers cant help, they know their system (& here you have to learn managing the system from them)  but they dont know YOUR business and may not even ride a bike.

It's been a sometimes fun (but often stressfull) journey so far - with todays launch We hope you will come along for the ride & enjoy what we have built!   

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