Alu Exclusiv

ALU EXCLUSIV Maximum functionality combined with a striking appearance!

Here Hepco & Becker have taken their proven steel alloy case carrier and mated it to a pleated alloy case from the renowned luggage manufacturer RIMOWA.  The result is a exclusive top loading case set that is watertight thanks to a special seal and which offers content and climate protection inside the case.

Ffeaturing ...
• an Exclusive Rimowa padded case design
• with Corners further reinforced
• has Extremely rugged metal locks, ergonomic carry handle
• the Top cases (30l/40l) available with integrated railing
• and the Side case and Top case are available keyed alike!


SKU: 610062_00_00

Alu Exclusiv 30 left 25 Lt


SKU: 610063_00_00

Alu Exclusiv 30 right 25 Lt


SKU: 610066_00_00

Alu Exclusiv 40 left 35 Lt


SKU: 610067_00_00

Alu Exclusiv 40 right 35 Lt


SKU: 610069_00_00

Alu Exclusiv TC 30 25 Lt