Donner Tech


Donner Tech are an owner-managed company based in Uhingen (Baden-W├╝rttemberg) Germany. Their main business area is the CNC production of customer-specific, high-quality components for various industries such as mechanical engineering, racing, aerospace, bicycle industry, e-mobility or the electronics industry.

Donner Tech use high-tech machine tools to process a large number of materials such as metals or plastics with an accuracy down to the micrometer range.

Donner Tech Tenere Motorcycle Adventure Products


Donner Tech founder and owner of the company Steven Donner, himself a passionate motorcyclist and tinkerer, knows how to use these manufacturing possibilities for his own ideas and that's how the first self-developed products came about. The ideas for our products mostly arise from a necessity, as nothing suitable or corresponding to the quality requirements was available on the market.

Donner Tech only offer only the highest-quality low volume products made from first-class materials purpose built for your motorcycle.






SKU: TenereGPSBasicBlack

Donner Tech Tenere 700 GPS Holder Black


SKU: TenereGPSBasicSilver

Donner Tech Tenere 700 GPS Holder Silver


SKU: RearRackBlack

Donner Tech Billet Tenere 700 Rear Rack Black


SKU: RearRackSilver

Donner Tech Billet Tenere 700 Rear Rack Silver


SKU: GarminAdaptorSilver

Donner Tech Garmin Adaptor Plate Silver


SKU: TenereGrabbarsBlack

Donner Tech Tenere 700 Billet Grab Bars Black


SKU: TenereGrabbarsSilver

Donner Tech Tenere 700 Billet Pillion Grab Bars / Handles Silver