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Welcome to
the world of FIVE gloves

FIVE: Our name rings out loud and clear, since our mission is to protect hands (and the FIVE fingers that come with it…) during activities that require high-performance technical gloves, such as riding a two-wheeled vehicle. For over fifteen years now, we’ve been helping riders enhance their enjoyment at the handlebar, while protecting hands from injury in case of a fall, by equipping millions of motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.
Gloves are an item designed for safety, but also for comfort.


Our commitment can be stated
in three words:


PROTECTION – because your hands are essential. Imagine having to spend even a single day without using one of your hands due to an injury, even one that’s not serious. The smallest activity would be truly difficult, and the discomfort would be highly distressing. Protecting your hands is crucial. We don’t always think about it, but as a reflex, we tend to put our hands out in front of us if we fall. They are, therefore, particularly exposed. Our goal is to reduce the risk of specific injuries related to motorcycle riding.

FITTING – because gloves form the link between you and your motorcycle. To truly savour piloting your motorcycle, this connection should be seamless, allowing for perfect responsiveness each time you touch the controls, whether you’re accelerating, braking, or changing direction. Feeling every move at the controls (and, by extension, every movement of your motorcycle) is essential. It’s even further proof of safety. And this should happen with a certain amount of comfort. Our desire is clearly to enhance the enjoyment you feel when riding your motorcycle.

DESIGN – because we consider a functional aesthetic to be especially important. In our view, the shape of each piece that makes up a glove stems from the role it plays in its use (protection, comfort, ventilation, abrasion resistance, etc.). This is why we design and craft each element independently, without using any standard pieces, so that a FIVE glove is exclusive and distinctive. Our designs are often imitated, but never equalled! So, you might as well choose the original, FIVE.


FIVE gloves founder Franck Fazio