Alu Standard

ALU STANDARD adventure motorcycle alloy side cases/panniers, for both everyday use and in extreme situations.

Hand Made in Germany, Hepco&Becker is known for manufacturing robust motorcycle cases, side frames and rear racks that last a long time.

With the Alu Standard collection, they have created four models that also stand up to extreme conditions with no trouble at all. The 1.5 mm thick, smooth, highly durable aluminium alloy helped give the collection its name. 

With a right-angled shape but with rounded corners, Alu Standard side cases provide spacious, practical storage space with no protruding corners or edges.  Plus they are easy to load from above.

The Alu Standard 45 side case is even large enough for a helmet.  Especially practical are the quick locking system and the two brackets on the side case and top case lids for fastening additional luggage or for carrying.

The foam lid seal keeps the content of the 35, 40 or 45-litre case or top case dry.

The different widths side cases can be combined into a set that H&B call Enduro.  These combos are especially recommended for case carriers that have different mounting widths due to the high exhaust system position typical of some adventure motorcycles. The Enduro set can provide symmetry again.


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Alu Standard 35 right 35 Lt


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Innerbag Gobi / Alu-Standard 35 side cases


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Bracket set for water bottles


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Universal holder - Alu cases


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Innerbag Alu-Box Standard 40


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Alu Standard 40 left 40 Lt


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Alu Standard 40 right 40 Lt


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Alurack bracket for Alu TC 35 Standard - black


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Alurack bracket for Alu TC 35 Standard silver


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Spare part - lid railing Alu Standard TC