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Xplorer Cutout

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XPLORER CUTOUT The new adventure motorcycle luggage combination Hepco & Becker!  XPLORER CUTOUT comes as a complete package combining both a special stainless steel side carrier system and matching Xplorer side cases.  Made for selected adventure motorcycles that have an asymmetric single exhaust, Xplorer Cutout features:

• a 40Lt Xplorer case on the non-muffler side
• with a recessed 37-litre Xplorer case on the muffler side
• cases made in high-impact plastic and anodized aluminium sheet with
• a surface-blasted, electro-polished stainless steel side carrier, achieving
• About one-metre total width, depending on model

Plus you can add our rear rack & Xplorer Top cases too!