Nylon-Plastic Cases

Junior Topcase & Sidecases

Orbit Sidecases & Topcase

GOBI Topcase & Sidecases

Junior Flash Topcase & Sidecases

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Nylon-Plastic Cases

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For Commuting, Cruising, Sport - Touring and Adventure, Hepco & Becker offer their strong, durable, stylish Nylon-Plastic based case range. 

Junior, Junior Flash, the iconic Gobi, Orbit and Journey. 

All motorcycle luggage systems comprising of matching side cases and top cases. 

All of the side or top cases in these ranges interchange on any Hepco & Becker side carrier or rear rack respectively.  Choose a style that suits your needs then use "Find Your Bike" above for your bike's specific side frame or rear rack.

Hepco & Becker offers one of the widest ranges of plastic-nylon based case styles in Australia!