Royster Softbags

Hepco & Becker ROYSTER C-Bow mounted motorcycle soft sidebags on Yamaha MT07 - Imported by Motorcycle Adventure Products

Royster An aerodynamic design in C-Bow mounted motorcycle soft luggage from Hepco & Becker.

Once you fit your bike-specific C-Bow mount, Royster simply drops on and key locks to give you stylish waterproof sports luggage capacity. 

Compared to other soft bags, it is visually striking, made of robust, highly resistant EVA material, which gives the Royster bag its dimensional stability.  The front is covered with abrasion-resistant 1200D polyester, which matches the surface finish in the existing HEPCO & BECKER collection.

The back wall is coated with polyurethane. This improves soil resistance and makes cleaning easier.

Roysters are light weight which makes them easy to handle and offer troublefree carrying with a practical recessed handle when off the bike.

The Royster family not only comprises the Side Bags, now we have matching Tank Bags and rear Seat Bags as well. 
More details can be found on each items features specifications as applicable.


SKU: 640621_00_07

C-Bow Softbag Royster black/yellow - only 1 side


SKU: 640620_00_01

C-Bow Softbags "Royster" black/grey set


SKU: 640812_00_07

Royster Rearbag with Lock it yellow 27-32 Lt


SKU: 640811_00_01

Royster Rearbag with straps 27-32 Lt black


SKU: 640811_00_07

Royster Rearbag with straps yellow 27-32 Lt


SKU: 640620_00_07

C-bow bag set Royster 22 ltr. with yellow zip


SKU: 640621_00_01

C-Bow Softbag Royster black/grey - only 1 side


SKU: 640812_00_01

Royster Rearbag with Lock it 27-32 Lt black


SKU: 640810_00_07

Tank bag Royster 7-12 ltr yellow


SKU: 640810_00_01