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With Street, Royster and Epic tank bags, you can expand your motorcycles convenience with a range of stylish and cost effective luggage options.

Tankbags Hepco & Becker

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A tank bag from HEPCO & BECKER accompanies you on short trips and long tours

No matter what's in store, with HEPCO & BECKER you are on the safe side. Here, you'll find not only genuine leather panniers for your bike, but also matching tank bags. For short trips, the tank bag is perfectly adequate. It has room for everything you need, from your smartphone and digital camera to your wallet. On a tour lasting several days or even weeks, simply add the panniers to your luggage.

All your valuables are safely stored in the tank bag

Unlike the large panniers, you can always keep an eye on the tank bag while riding. Thanks to the clever fastening of the tank bag, it rests securely in front of you on the tank, where it can also provide a platform for a road map or your navigation system. Of course, the tank bag is waterproof in itself or with a rain cover, so the contents stay wonderfully dry even on the toughest tour. When you take a break or arrive at your destination, you can easily detach the bag and take it with you using the practical carry handle. So you don't need to worry about letting your bike out of your sight. Additional security is provided by an additional HEPCO & BECKER anti-theft device for the tank bag. Only those who know the combination can open it and access the contents. During a short fuel stop, no one will be able to relieve you of your valuables.

The right tank bag for you

At HEPCO & BECKER, you will not only find universal tank bags, but you can also choose exactly the right model for you. On the one hand, it depends on your motorcycle model. You can also choose between different designs and sizes. If you simply want to go for a ride in the evening sun after work, a day pack will suffice. If you are more interested in a short trip over the weekend, you will also find much larger tank bag models here. In many cases, you can even do without the large panniers.

Depending on the model, you can get additional tank bag accessories from HEPCO & BECKER. Examples of this include
  • waterproof map pocket
  • waterproof smartphone pocket
  • anti-theft device

Simply choose the right model and accessories for you in the online shop or at your local HEPCO & BECKER retailer. And if you get it wrong, you can of course exchange the tank bag.

Ready to go?

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