Hepco Becker ALUrack

Hepco Becker's ALUrack has a generic top rack section with a model-specific mounting system below.  It is a stand-alone rear rack but when required, any of our H&B Top Case range simply locks on.  The front bow is detachable and can be removed when not required except when top case mounting where it is the front mount.  Many riders do leave it on as it is the secure strapping point.  Where the original grab rails are removed to mount ALUrack, our design provides new grab rails.      

Here we are only listing the generic parts, the hundreds of ALU racks are made bike specific, so please use the "Find Your Bike" function above, select your make and then pick from the list of models.    


SKU: 610049_00_01

Universal Alurack black


SKU: 610049_00_09

Universal Alurack silver