Alurack Topcase carrier

Adapter plate to accommodate HEPCO & BECKER topcases or soft luggage

Alurack Topcase carrier

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Topcase carrier consisting of a model-specific mounting kit and the Alurack adapter plate to accommodate HEPCO & BECKER topcases or soft luggage (not suitable for topcases with a universal plastic plate)
HEPCO & BECKER Aluracks (aluminium rack) are specially designed for our top cases. As the successor to the tried and tested tubular luggage rack, the Alurack is seen as a logical further development and is offered for the younger generation of motorcycles. Every Alurack top case carrier is developed specifically for the model and thus fits into the harmonious overall appearance of the motorcycle. Thanks to the production of high-quality aluminum in combination with a steel base carrier, the aluminum rack has a high level of strength and a very elegant look. Additional attachment points for luggage straps, for example to attach luggage rolls, are integrated into the design of the rack

To check which bike specific Alurack is compatible with your bike please use the FIND YOUR BIKE search feature at the top of the page.

If no bike specific Alurack is featured for your bike, you can use the universal Alurack.