Optimate Battery Charging & Accessories

Optimate have a great line of automotive, motorcycle & power sport battery chargers, test gear and other accessories. They also support CAN Bus equipped motorcycles.

Optimate charger and accessories from Motorcycle Adventure Products Australia
The Optimate battery saving charging method was first developed in 1995, with the purpose of saving AGM, GEL and STD lead-acid batteries that have stopped working simply due to neglect. Their range today extends to lithium batteries and also with the ability to charge CAN Bus equipped bikes through their accessory power socket..

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SKU: OPT_4-TM188

Optimate 6 Auto 9 stage Charger

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SKU: OPT_4-TM428

OptiMate2 Charger

$49.00 $44.10

SKU: OPT_4-O-105

Dual USB - DIN Socket Device Charger

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SKU: OPT_4-O-120

LED Flashlight SAE Connector

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SKU: OPT_4-O-01

Optimate O-01 SAE Quick Connect Lead

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$26.50 $13.50

SKU: OPT_4-O-04

Optimate O4 Battery Clip SAE Connector

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SKU: OPT_4-O-09

Optimate Option - O9 SAE - DIN Charger connector

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$199.95 $179.96

SKU: OPT_4-TM298

OptiMATE Lithium 4s 5A Automatic Battery Charger

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$99.00 $94.46

SKU: OPT_4-TM348

Optimate 4DP Battery Charger

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SKU: OPT_4-O-17

O17 Cable TM to SAE-Connection Adapter Optimate

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$19.95 $17.96

SKU: OPT_4-O-122

O2 Charge Now SAE GEL-AGM Tester Optimate

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SKU: OPT_4-O-02

O2 Combo male connector EUR & CIG Optimate

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SKU: OPT_4-O-06

Optimate O6 SAE-AUTO Power Outlet Socket Optimate O6

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