Leatherbag holders

Chromed Leatherbag Holders the original Hepco & Becker Cruiser luggage mounting system on Suzuki C1800R and available from Motorcycle Adventure Products

Hepco & Becker's chromed Leatherbag Holders were the original Cruiser leatherbag luggage mounting system.  Each Leatherbag Holder was styled to firmly fit and suit the bike it was going onto.  THen once fitted, any of our Leatherbags could be securely attached either by permanent saddles or via our Leatherbag Quick Release Kit.  Today Leatherbag Holders have been progressivley replaced for Cruisers manufactured from 20007 onward by C-Bow mounts.

To find your Cruisers Leatherbag Holder, or C-Bow mount [ Quickest way?]
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