Sidecarrier Cutout

Sidecase pannier frame with the frame on exhaust side of the bike recessed

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Fact: Large volume - smaller overall width - simply added value!
The set, developed exclusively for selected motorcycle models, consists of a model-specific stainless steel pannier rack and two Xplorer aluminum panniers. Thanks to its recess (cutout), the new 37L Xplorer Cutout case nestles elegantly on the motorcycle's exhaust.
The other side is complemented by the 40L Xplorer variant of the test winner (motorcycle 16/12). In this combination, the overall width is reduced and the case system appears symmetrical.
Driving safety and comfort are also improved because the center of gravity moves towards the center of the motorcycle. The cases impress with their high-impact plastic and anodized sheets, which guarantee high abrasion resistance.
The firmly screwed pannier rack is made of polished, 2 mm thick stainless steel round tube with a diameter of 16 mm and is therefore ideally suited for any adventure. The system is light and yet very stable.


To check which bike specific cutout set is compatible with your bike please use the FIND YOUR BIKE search feature at the top of the page.

If no bike specific cutout set is featured for your bike, you can use the standard side carriers.