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Welcome to ROK Straps! Offering a new level of durability, strength and safety in tied down elastic motorcycle luggage straps. Motorcycle Adventure Products offer both the ROK 25mm Motorcycle and the lighter 16mm ROK Pack range of straps.

Heavy Duty (Motorcycle and ATV) Adjustable Length Straps

Medium Duty (Pack) Adjustable Length Straps

Light Duty (Commuter) Adjustable Length Straps

Motorcycle and ATV Fixed Length Straps

All Purpose Commercial Stretch Straps

ROK Straps

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With a range of both fully adjustable and set-length "Flat" tie-down straps to choose from. You'll find exactly what you're looking for here.  So say farewell to unsightly bungee straps or velcro connections, goodbye and good riddance to hazardous tie down shock cords. ROK Straps will altogether change your perception about securing cargo. Strong, durable, stylish and safe, these tie-down straps will become an integral part of your lifestyle.

Here is a great review from Web Bike World showing features & comparing Motorcycle Adjustable - Pack - Commuter straps.