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Hepco & Becker BUFFALO leather bags for your cruiser or Harley.

Hand Made in Germany

Made of 3 to 4 mm thick fully tanned premium cowhide, the back wall of the bag is reinforced to provide structure and strength. Also, present yet hidden are moulded and reinforced parts that offer overall support in the corners and along the edges. The main benefit of all the support provided is so that the bag can maintain its shape even after experiencing the elements. 

This bag was made to outlast all others and features tough seams, ergonomic carrying handles, robust strap fasteners, and lock with keys to access. Comes in two sizes, BUFFALO with 17lt per side and BUFFALO BIG  with 27 lt. The leather and finishing is of the highest quality available.

Optional accessories include inner bags and rain covers that are sold separately. Similar bags of the same style are the BUFFALO Handbag (big top bag), Small bag (small top bag), Tank cover, and Tool roll.   There are two types of mountings and it depends on the age, make * model of your bike.

  • C-Bow mounts which generally are for bikes post-2007 and
  • Leather bag holders which use tube frames are styled to the bike & that mounts all leather bags