Junior Flash Topcase & Sidecases

Junior Flash Topcase & Sidecases

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JUNIOR FLASH distinctive motorcycle luggage from Hepco & Becker. 

Like Junior, durable Sport-Touring motorcycle luggage based on the classic Krauser style with the addition of a stylish lid & inset colour panel. Robust and highly resilient through its double-wall construction, Junior Flash side cases forgive rough landings, protecting its contents even during small jolts and is watertight. 

The side cases lid makes for optimal for loading. Two strong tension belts hold the contents in place even when the lid is open. Junior Flash side cases are available in symetrical sets of either 30 OR 40Lt per side.  As Junior Flash Enduro, they are sold as an asymmetrical set ie. 30lt one side 40lt the other to cater for high single-sided exhausts.

The Junior Flash 40 side cae generally has space for a helmet.

Junior Flash top cases only come in the 55lt size which is made is in ABS plastic to allow a more stylish design. 

The Junior 55 top case has removable inset colour panels and space for two helmets.

To mount any Junior Flash side case require a Hepco & Becker tubular side frame or a Lock It side frame. Junior Flash top cases require either a Hepco & Becker Tubular rear rack,  ALUrack, EASYrack or one of our generic rack adaptors (if you have an existing rack on the bike).


Use the FIND YOUR BIKE tool above, to find a side frame or rear rack that suits your bikes needs. 
NB: It goes with out saying, with Hepco & Becker you can mix & match top cases and side cases across our range to suit your style or needs!