Hepco Becker Spare parts for Xplorer and Xplorer Cutout Cases from Motorcycle Adventure Products

Hepco & Becker spare parts for Xplorer side cases from Motorcycle Adventure Products in Australia!
Below we list the common Spare Parts for ALL Xplorer Side & Top Cases we hold that can be ordered on line.
For any other part please use either ...

  • Use our Quick Contact Form and quote the part number and quantity
  • Email us and quote the part number and quantity
    NB: When buying keys or key-barrels dont forget the key number!


SKU: 720134

Replacement key and barrel Hepco & Becker


SKU: 700111

Hepco&Becker Spare keys (2pcs)


SKU: 710114_00_01

Lid latch - black


SKU: 710114_00_09

Lid latch silver


SKU: 710179

Rubber buffer, large - Black


SKU: 710112_00_01

Topcase Fixing latch- black all styles