PRODUCTION PROBLEMS @ RoxSpeedFX affecting AUS Stocks!

We are currently and have for the last few weeks, having difficulty in getting fresh stock from the USA due to equipment failures at RoXSpeedfx's plant AND the fact that they are also shifting into seasonal production for their Snowmobile lines! 
They have updated us on these delay's (1Nov) and asked us to pass on their apologies to AUS riders.  
IF an item on our webshop is in shown as "in stock", it can be delivered by us straight away.  If it shows "backorder" we may be getting some more in shortly (some orders are still in route to AUS).  Else we dont expect stock to arrive for items like P2SSN etc until early-mid DEC18.  Need to know more Ring Ron for an update.  An item can be backordered from us by placing an online order but not paying, we will ring you for payment when next available!
Sorry but this matter is beyond M.A.Ps control!

Above are just some of the many solutions we offer!

ROXspeedFX, offering ergonimic riding innovations such as their US patented Pivoting Risers and Height Adjustable Risers (US patent #7,685,904). Their goal is to improve your riding experience through products that provide you with personal comfort, increased vehicle control and added confidence with products made in the USA.
But lets the ROX team explain this better!

When deciding which Riser best suits your bike, start with the handlebar dimension at the triple tree clamp as we 7/8" (22mm) 1&1/8" (28mm) and 1&1/4" (32mm) sizers.  Generally our pivoting risers give 2" (~50mm) of rise but we also offer selected 3, 4 and 5" risers.  ROXspeedFX have a model chart but it is not exhaustive so if you cant find it here, call us!    Motorcycle Adventure Products are the Australian importer of ROXSpeedfx risers, we use them too so from our own & our customer experience, we have amassed some extra fitting info that we will share on our support page.   Meanwhile another way to identify a riser solution is to use the Find Your Bike selection tool above. When we know what works on a bike we will add it.



2" Pivoting Bar Risers Indian Scout Bobber


SKU: 1R-P10

Rox 1" Lock Spacer Adds Height To Rox Risers


SKU: P13R-2125

2" Rise x 1 1/4" Pivot Risers R1200GS >13