Sidecarrier Cutout

Lock-it Sidecarrier


Tube Topcase carrier

C-Bow Carrier System


Leatherbag holder

Easyrack Topcase carrier

Alurack Topcase carrier

Sidecarrier / Complete carrier

Rear Rack Alloy Plates (enlargements)

Hepco Becker offers a number of types of luggage carriers.


LOCK-IT Side Carriers: Side carrier featuring quick detachable yet secure Lock-it System for Hepco&Becker side cases.

Side Carrier: Traditional bolt up style, more permanent mounting.

Complete Carrier Set: Traditional bolt up style with more permanent mounting, complete set with a rear rack included.

Side Carrier Set Cutout: Traditional bolt up style frames, more permanent mounting in Stainless steel. Complete with two Xplorer side cases featuring a cutout design to give a more symmetrical look for select Adventure motorcycles.

All side carriers feature the same secure "Krauser loop" to mount the cases. 


The second is our range of Rear Racks. In a sense, we don't sell just a mount.  For most bikes, we add a rear rack where in some cases none exists. Any of our rear racks ALSO mount our Top Cases without the need for mounts or adapters.


Alurack Topcase Carrier: Topcase carrier for Hepco&Becker top cases

EasyRack Topcase Carrier: Same as the Alurack but the handle frame can be folded down.

Tube Topcase Carrier: Traditional tube design top case carrier.

Tube Rear Rack: Traditional tube design not suitable for top cases.

SportRack: mounted instead of a pillion seat allowing a range of luggage to be fitted to sportbikes and naked bikes.

MiniRack: Special rear rack suitable for soft bags not top cases.

Rear Enlargement Plates: Rear rack enlargement plates for various soft bags.


We also offer a third system, the C-Bow Carrier mount. 


C-BOW Carrier: Special carrier featuring CBOW fastening system suitable only for CBOW luggage.