Hepco Becker offers a number of types of luggage carriers. The first is a range of side frame systems that can mount any H&B hard luggage side case.  These can come in the traditional bolt up style or the newer quick detachable yet secure "Lock It" style.  All feature the same secure "Krauser loop" to mount the case.  The second is the our Rear Racks, in a sense we dont sell just a mount.  For most bikes we add a rear rack where none exists. But any of our rear racks ALSO mounts our Top Cases without the needs for mounts or adapters. We have traditional tube racks, the newer ALUrack and now the Easyrack!  For soft luggage we also offer a third system, the C-Bow mount.  Below are two videos profiling our side frames and rear racks.  
Where you here a load limited mentioned it is the weight of the contents of the luggage item.

Our rear racks (except mini) support the top case +5kg inside.
Our side carriers (except c-bow) support the side case +10kg inside.

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