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Made for all adventures, on-road and off, our range of NEXX Adventure helmets offer a sleeker, lighter, safer and smarter helmet.

Adventure Helmet

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X.PRO Carbon

Made for all adventures, on-road and off, the X.WED3 is the world's wildest adventure helmet yet. The X.WED3 is made from ultralight, highly impact-resistant X-PRO Carbon fibre, a next-gen technology that ensures a sleeker, lighter and smarter helmet. Perfect for all your upcoming adventures.



X-MATRIX2 Multi-Composite Fiber

Made from Multi-Composite Fiber, the X-MATRIX2 is our entry-level adventure helmet. Featuring the same specifications as the X.WED3 aside from shell material, the X-MATRIX2 presents a durable, versatile feel, allowing for an easy ride no matter the adventure.





Motorcycle Adventure Products is the official distributor of NEXX helmets and accessories in Australia.



A NEXX is immediately recognizable.

The “wow” factor is our drive and what makes us different from others.

Fueled by this obsession and energy, we transform our design and development skills into magic-filled products, ready to solve our customers’ challenges, no matter how big or small they are.

Our ranges are the combination of hard work, dedication, and passion with state-of-the-art and high-tech components that guarantee uncompromised safety and quality.

NEXX – in over 60 nations throughout the world – embraces the dreams of different styles of Motorcyclists, with class-leading motorcycle helmets.

From the Street rider to the Track racers. Adventurers to Commuters. NEXX helmets are built entirely around you, whichever ride you live for.


Today, clients demand flexibility, expertise, and speed. They expect their orders to be delivered yesterday – and with expert quality.

Stepping through the doors of the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies the company has created what has been called a “smart factory”: significant reduction of time to market, massively improved flexibility, increasing quality, and all with reduced energy and resource consumption.

Process improvement, inventory optimization, quality-first, and other “game changers” have become standard.

Our “Made in Europe” is not only high-class head protection – it also means that social and environmental issues are respected.



NEXX Helmets is proud to be one of the last-standing European manufacturers, producing 100% in Portugal. But why choose to maintain manufacturing in the EU in such a competitive market with higher labour & social costs, bearing the peaks and troughs of demand?

The answer is simple – we believe in having all our knowledge concentrated; this not only allows us to maintain our unique philosophy but also, as we develop and produce our helmets, we know them inside out and we can support and improve them better than anyone else. Plus, doing everything in-house allows us more flexibility while providing a higher level of Customization and Service.