Hepco Becker Spare parts for GOBI Cases

Please note for 2021 Hepco&Becker have changed some part numbers for their spare parts. We have left the images above for reference, please note the part numbers will now be different.


Below we list the common Spare Parts for GOBI cases we hold that can be ordered online. For any other part please either ...

  • Use our Quick Contact Form and quote the part number and quantity
  • Email us and quote the part number and quantity


SKU: 720134

Replacement key and barrel Hepco & Becker


SKU: 700111

Hepco&Becker Spare keys (2pcs)


SKU: 710171_00_09

Hinge Cover Rubber- Gobi - Silver


SKU: 710114_00_01

Lid latch - black


SKU: 710114_00_09

Lid latch silver


SKU: 710178



SKU: 710179

Rubber buffer, large - Black


SKU: 710111_00_09

Sidecase Fixing latch- silver Gobi


SKU: 710062_00_01

Hinge Cover Rubber - Gobi - Black


SKU: 710128

Topcase holding claw