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BMW 1250GS HP with accessories by Hepco and Becker

Hepco & Becker Motorcycle Engine Guards and Tank Guards are hand-built in Germany with over 40+ years experience.

Hepco & Becker have the widest & best range! 

Whether you ride more on rugged terrain, on country roads or in town, a Hepco & Becker Engine Guard is always the right choice as your motorcycle is always effectively protected against an unexpected mishap.  

And even more: If the bike falls over or makes unintentional contact with the ground, it can protect both bike and rider from more serious consequences.

H&B protection bars follow the lines of the bike perfectly, giving it a customized appearance.

Made with extremely stable tube-in-tube construction and they offer various surface finishes model dependent. Our guard's feature:

- Protection during pushovers or falls; helps when tying up the motorcycle
- Vehicle-specific design for the perfect match and easy installation
- Tough tube-in-tube construction
- Premium metal coating in black, anthracite, silver or white, or high-gloss chrome plating, depending on the model.
- Complete, straightforward assembly instructions