Sidecarrier / Complete carrier

Hepco & Becker manufacture the widest range of Luggage Frames and Rear Racks made unique for every bike spanning 45 years.   Their "Side carriers" or "Complete carriers" (sidecarriers plus integral rear rack) are in the traditional 'Krauser" style frame made from 16mm tubtube. Every Hepco & Becker side case fits every frame! So our case products are interchangable across bikes.  Normally a side carrier and a rear rear rack are two sepearate products that integrate, however a "Complete Carrier" integrates the rear rack onto the side carriers as a set. Generally this is due to the nature of the rear sub frame & the mount points available on a specific bike.

On this page, we are only listing any generic or spare parts, we have hundreds of Side carrier & Complete Rack sets, made bike specific, so please use the "Find Your Bike"function above, select your make and then pick from the list of models. 

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