Kickstand enlargements / Side Stand Big Foot

Kickstand enlargements / Side Stand Big Foot

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Kickstand enlargement

Being fully loaded, or parked on a soft surface can see the motorcycle on the side stand start to sink and sink ... tip over! 

To resolve this danger, Hepco & Becker have produced their own design of Side Stand Foot aka Kickstand Enlargements. 

Many bikes are covered today & more will follow. 

Featuring a precisely contour milled alloy base plate securely & quickly bolted to the side stand via a top clamp plate.

  • More than 100% larger contact area
  • Secure positioning of the machine on all surfaces
  • Thick alloy base plate
  • Black anodized clamp
  • Available for many models & different brands

To find whether a side stand plate is available for your model use the Find Your Bike selection tool above.