Hepco & Becker Luggage Case and other Spare Parts

Whether you need a spacer or a bolt that has fallen away, need to replace one side of an engine guard after a fall, or to replace a worn or broken lock or center stand spring, Hepco & Becker offer a complete line for spare parts for all their extensive product range.  These page details all the side and top case spares available, plus parts for frames, racks, guards, etc.  

NB1: The parts shown individually below are in the webshop as they are the most commonly requested items. 
If the part you are after is not shown please use the parts list for your actual case
OR if it is a bracket / bolt / spacer etc from a kit, go the item, download the fitting sheet & identify the part name & SKU from that.
Then our use our use our Contact Form to request same.

NB2: If you are after a lock or key or tumbler DONT forget to provide as the lock number (stamped on the key)  

$59.00 $53.10

SKU: 720630_00_01

C-Bow moving vertical 30mm - black (set)

On Sale


SKU: 720134

Replacement key and barrel Hepco & Becker

$78.10 $70.29

SKU: 506100_00_01

Lock it Rear bag attachment for Sportracks Complete kit

On Sale


SKU: 506000

Tankbag closing unit


SKU: 700201

Aluadapter kit for Alu Standard sidecases


SKU: 710170

Alu Standard topcase Locating moulding


SKU: 700114



SKU: 700007350

Alurack bracket for Alu TC 35 Standard - black


SKU: 700007351

Alurack bracket for Alu TC 35 Standard silver

$70.00 $63.00

SKU: 700007063

C-Bow C section Black - Spare part only

On Sale


SKU: 700007062

C-Bow c section chrome Hepco & Becker


SKU: 700427

C-Bow plastic adapter Hepco & Becker


SKU: 710171_00_01

Hinge Cover Kit - Gobi - Black


SKU: 710171_00_09

Hinge Cover Kit - Gobi - Silver


SKU: 700104_00_01

Lid latch - black


SKU: 700134

Lid latch Journey side case and TC42


SKU: 700137

Lid latch Journey TC 40/50/52


SKU: 700104_00_09

Lid latch silver


SKU: 710125

Lid strap side cases and Topcases - plastic


SKU: 151050

Lock-it screw