Journey Topcases & Sidecases

JOURNEY motorcyce luggage from Hepco & Becker with a perfected aerodynamic design!   The side cases feature space for one helmet, a removeable ABS Cover that comes in either Anthracite, Silver or White.  These covers can be painted to match your bike (we reccommend thje silver for this). Featuring a double-walled case shell
made of highly impact-resistant plastic, made watertight thanks to special seals and having an integrated bumper bar, providing protection in case of bumps and "tip overs“.

Journey side cases come in a symetrical set with 42Lt per side.  The Journeyr 42 side cae generally has space for a helmet.  Journey top cases come in either 30, 40, 42 or 55lt sizes.  The 42Lt top case has the same shell design as the side cases to make a match set has space for one helmet. The other sizes are in complimentry styles and 55Lt top cae  has space for two helmets.

To mount any Journey side case requre a Hepco & Becker tubular side frame or a Lock It side frame.  Journey top cases require either a Hepco & Becker Tubular rear rack,  ALUrack, EASYrack or one of our generic rack adaptors (if you have an existing rack on the bike).

Use the FIND YOUR BIKE tool above, to find a side frame or rear rack that suits your bikes needs. 
NB: It goes with out saying, with Hepco & Becker you can mix & match top cases and side cases across our range to suit your style or needs!


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Sidecase set Journey 42 black


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Sidecase set Journey 42 silver


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Journey TC 40 silver


SKU: 610088_00_01

Journey TC40 black


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Journey TC50 black


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Journey TC 52 silver


SKU: 700313

Journey TC 30 backrest


SKU: 700311

Journey TC 40 backrest


SKU: 700308

Journey TC 42 backrest


SKU: 610060_00_01

Journey TC 42 Lid railing


SKU: 700314

Journey TC 52 backrest


SKU: 610058_00_01

Journey TC 52 Lid railing

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Journey TC 30 with universal mount black

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Journey TC 40 with universal mount black

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SKU: 610089_00_09

Journey TC 40 with universal mount silver

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$244.00 $219.60

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Journey TC50 with universal mount black

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$720.00 $648.00

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Sidecase set Journey 42 white

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Sidecase set Journey Recon 42 anthracite


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Journey TC 42 black


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Journey TC 42 Recon anthracite


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Journey TC42 silver


SKU: 610085_00_03

Journey TC42 white