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Nomad ADV lightweight travel and rally equipment

Nomad-ADV is a 100% family owned and operated small company, setup by father and son Mike and Aad Schram. Located in The Netherlands, Mike and Aad both have motorcycling and engineering in their blood, combined with a lot of experience in long distance motorcycle travelling in all sorts of terrain. Mike is the current and official World Record holder for the youngest person to have circumnavigated the globe on a motorcycle, starting when he was 16 and finishing when he was 19. At just 19 years of age, he had already covered 120,000 km through some of the most inhospitable terrain in the world, as he didn't exactly take the easy route... In fact motorcycling and motorcycle travelling goes back 4 generations in our family!

Mike is an automotive engineering graduate, specialising in product design and 3D CAD/CAM drawing. Aad has over 40 years of motorcycling and engineering experience. All the Nomad-ADV products have been designed and made by them. Their products are first and foremost made to perform, and to do so in harsh terrain. They have been rigorously tested by Nomad-ADV personally and extensively before being tortured by a select group of riders. They run computer stress calculations too but they are no replacement for real world testing. All product testing is thus done out in the field. They have the benefit of a massive windtunnel right outside their door, as they live along the infamous North Sea coast. You’ll find them out and about testing new products and new ideas on a regular basis in all sorts of terrain.

They do not operate a motorcycle shop, so you won’t find a showroom or a fancy reception area at Nomad-ADV HQ. Instead you’ll find an old fashioned machine shop where two men work with their hands operating lathes, milling machines and welding equipment to make the products you see. They work with computer controlled machines, which together with proper engineering allow them to make the high quality components which make up all Nomad-ADV products.