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 Want to tour the Hepco & Becker factory in Pirmasens?  See around corners even the M.A.P team have never seen?  We'll if you dont mind German "Sprache", let's take a trip with the 1000PS Team!  Here you will see that Hepco & Becker not just a german name but are products proudly "Made in Germany"

Throughout the years we have always endeavoured to develop accessories at the highest level – and this has not changed till today.
We produce the best quality because we concentrate on implementing useful technical solutions and improving them further.
This is the reason why we sell our products over many years. Their timeless design, associated with high usability and excellent test results
are all convincing purchase arguments.
As one example, we are pleased to mention our JUNIOR case range which has featured in our programme for more than 30 years.
These cases still cut a great fi gure on cutting-edge motorbikes.
Such a product cycle means responsible handling of resources and therefore corresponds with the concept of sustainability, whereby we remain true to our
The new ORBIT side case has been created under this premise. A case into which we have poured all of our experience and passion. And we can be
proud of the result: A likeable shape and size, extremely robust, high-quality carbon look, practical all-in-one lock system and waterproof of course.
A case to suit the ideas and needs of our era.
A case which many motorcyclists have been waiting for.
Another product highlight for 2017 is the completion of the Royster family with the tank and rear bag.
Two bags that are not just visual eye-catchers, but also impress with their features.
Your opinion and experience is important to us, so that our products can become even better and so that every motorcyclist can benefi t from them.
We always have a sympathetic ear for you.
Therefore, enjoy reading the new
Hepco & Becker catalogue.
Warm regards,
Paul Ehrhardt


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Alurack KTM 790 Duke 2018 black


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C-Bow holder BMW F750GS and F850GS black


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C-Bow holder Honda CB1000R 2018 on


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C-Bow holder Honda CMX 50 Rebel black


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canister 4 ltr incl. holder Yamaha XV 950 / R black


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Easyrack KTM 790 Duke 2018 black


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Engine guard Ducati Scrambler 800 Desert Sled 2018 black


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Engine guard KTM 790 Duke 2018 - black


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Engine guard KTM 790 Duke 2018 - orange


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Fender guard Kawasaki VN 800 Classic chrome


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Fixing latch Xplorer/ Alu Standard/ Exclusiv black