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Enduristan of Switzerland produces a fully modular range of waterproof, dustproof, adventure motorcycle soft luggage for "Wherever You Ride"


The product range is sold and used worldwide and has a serious testing regime and build quality behind it (as seen on Lyndon Poskitts Youtube series Races 2 Places)

New products are coming online plus the existing products continually evolve where required to reflect user demands & feedback. 

Enduristan continually strive to offer you nothing but the best gear for your travels that doesn't break the bank!

Motorcycle Adventure Products introduced Enduristan to Australia many years ago with the original Sandstorm tank bag, so superior to other products!

Enduristan has expanded to offer a full range of enduro and adventure ready soft luggage including panniers, duffle bags, tail bags, fender bags, backpacks and much more that we still 'use & abuse' every day.