Hepco Becker Spare parts for Side Carriers and Rear Racks

The range of spares parts required to provide service and be listed in the weshop would at least triple its size!  So here, you will find only the universal spare parts listed.  For model-specific component parts please first use our "Find Your Bike"function above, select your make and then pick from the list of models. Then download the fitting sheet for the product you have and determine from that the part number of the item that you require!

Then to order that part please use either ...

  • Use our Quick Contact Form and quote the part number and quantity, or
  • Email us sales@motorcycleadventure.com.au quoting your details, the part number and quantities.


SKU: 700007350

Alurack bracket for Alu TC 35 Standard - black


SKU: 700007351

Alurack bracket for Alu TC 35 Standard silver


SKU: 700201

Aluadapter kit for Alu Standard sidecases


SKU: 700114_00_00

Aluadapter side carrier - sold singularly


SKU: 151050

Lock-it screw