Legacy Heritage

Pirmassens in South Western Germany was the home their leather industries.  Craftsmanship and style are hallmarks of the region and thus with pride, Hepco & Becker presents their Legacy leather and fabric range of luggage and accessories!


Hepco & Becker Legacy Heritage bags on Ducati Scrambler
Legacy - this is the authentic style for you and your motorcycle. Credible. Honestly. Really. Arose from the experiences of a long past, implemented with sustainable materials for the future.


SKU: 6451976_00_01_M

Legacy courier bag M black for C-Bow carrier


SKU: 6451976_00_08_MM

Legacy courier bag set M/M for C-Bow carrier


SKU: 6451976_00_01_MM

Legacy Courier set M/M -C-Bow 8Lt Pair black


SKU: 6451976_00_08_A

Legacy Briefcase - C-Bow Halter 8 Lt


SKU: 6451976_00_01_L

Legacy Courier Bag L C-Bow 11 Lt - Single black


SKU: 6451976_00_08_M

Legacy Courier Bag M C-Bow 8 Lt - Single


SKU: 6451976_00_08_LL

Legacy courier bag set L/L for C-Bow carrier


SKU: 6451976_00_01_LL

Legacy Courier set L/L -C-Bow 11 Lt Pair black


SKU: 6451976_00_01_ML

Legacy Courier set M/L -C-Bow 8/11Lt Pair black


SKU: 6451976_00_08_ML

Legacy Courier set M/L C-Bow 8 Lt / 11 Lt - Pair