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Hepco & Becker motorcycle accessories for BMW's RnineT Urban GS from Motorcycle Adventure Products

In BMW's R nine T URBAN GS, we see all the right elements and great take on on M.A.Ps favourite, the classic G/S.  Motorcycle Adventure Products can further outfit your URBAN GS with great choices of proven, stylish, motorcycle products. Including a range of engine & sump guards, C-Bow luggage mounts, a range of rear racks, top cases, pateneted magnetic tank bags, roll bags and our range of C-Bow Soft or Hard luggage!  With our partners, Hepco & Becker, ROXspeedFX, ROK Straps and more, we have a great line up of gear!

ROK Straps - Australia own Motorcycle Straps!  Looking for a great way to secure loose gear on your RnineT, Consider ROK Straps Australia's own! 

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Sidecarrier BMW R nineT 2014 / Pure / Urban G/S 2017 black

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Alurack BMW R nineT & all Variants black

$336.00 $302.40

SKU: 654669_01_01

Rear rack BMW R nineT & all Variants black

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$402.00 $361.80

SKU: 661669_01_01

Easyrack BMW R nineT & all Variants black

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C-Bow holder BMW R nine T & all Varients black

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Minirack Softbag carrier BMW R nineT & all Variants black

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$443.00 $398.70

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Engine guard BMW R NineT & all Variants black powdercoated

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$443.00 $398.70

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Engine guard BMW R NineT & all Variants silver powdercoated

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Sump guard BMW R nineT & all Variants

$80.00 $72.00

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Kick stand enlargement BMW RnineT various

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Enduristan Tool Roll PRICE REDUCED

$42.00 $37.80


Enduristan Small Parts Organiser

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Motorcycle Adjustable Rok Strap

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SKU: OPT_4-TM348

Optimate 4DP Battery Charger