1190 Adventure R (2013-)

For KTM's 1190 Adventure R from 2013 we offer Hepco & Becker motorcycle accessories, luggage and more.  All available in Australia from Motorcycle Adventure Products

Another evolution see's the original KTM 1190 Adventure offered as an 1190 R with even more refinement and travel.  But again, with respect to it's accessories, it has a lot of parts in common with the original 1190.  With our premium suppliers, M.A.P are sure we have a great range of motorcycle accessories, hard or soft adventure motorcye luggage and more to meet your needs to take you Adventure even further!   

Looking for the best way to secure loose gear onto your Adventure? OR The best waterproof ADVenture soft luggage system?

Click here for ROK Straps - Australia own Motorcycle Straps! Click here for more on Enduristan from Switzerland




Enduristan Fender Bag Large


SKU: 22-3-5031SAdventureCLSKIT

Fastway Pro Moto Billet Adventure Footpegs Clear KIT


SKU: 22-3-5031S_EvoAirBKSKIT

Fastway Pro Moto Billet Evo Air Black Footpeg KIT


SKU: 22-3-5031S_EvoAirCLSKIT_

Fastway Pro Moto Billet Evo Air Clear Footpeg KIT


SKU: 22-3-5031S_EvoAirORSKIT__

Fastway Pro Moto Billet Evo Air Orange Footpeg KIT


SKU: 22-3-5031S_Evolution4

Fastway Pro Moto Billet Evolution 4 Footpeg KIT



Enduristan Lyndon's Organizer


SKU: 5027524_00_06

Tank guard KTM 1090 ADV/R / 1190 ADVR orange


SKU: 4211785_00_91

Kick stand enlargement KTM various


SKU: 42117524_00_91

Kick stand enlargement various KTM models



Enduristan Sandstorm 4H Motorcycle Tank Bag 7 Lt



Enduristan Small Parts Organiser



Enduristan Tool Roll


SKU: OPT_4-TM348

Optimate 4DP Battery Charger


SKU: 22-3-5031SAdventureBlkKIT

Fastway Pro Moto Billet Adventure Footpegs Black KIT


SKU: 22-3-5031SAdventureORSKIT

Fastway Pro Moto Billet Adventure Footpegs Orange KIT