Royal Enfield Himalaya adventure motorcycle accessories from Enduristan and more!

The Royal Enfield Himalaya is a bold statement in the adventure motorcycle market, is it aimed for the road less travelled or the same road travelled more simply, or both?  Either way, in our opinion, it has real appeal.  Plus as standard it offers a good array of OEM accessories! A number of our club mates have purchased them and we will be taking a good look at setup & after market.  In the mean time here are products we think will work really well as they are largely from Enduristan who design for serious adventures!.

BTW: We have already been asked about alternate pannier frame & alloys case solutions, some thoughts:

  • The standard cases from Enfield are the same design and use the mounting system as our QUORO cases (and same price if separated) so if quality equals they will be good
  • The case setup is sold complete with frame set (locally), we like the frame design & at this price point we dont think you wont see one from Europe
  • Base Pack? Mount them either side of the tank on the fairing rails for extra storage
  • Blizzard Saddlebags? Mount them over the seat like OEM throwovers, but better shape & waterproof
  • Fender Bag? On the upper front guard, under the headlight, carry a spare tube 
  • Monsoons Saddlebags? would work well but a simple bracing rod would assist.
  • Pannier Toppers? Perfect for more storage but suggest our smaller size as OEM cases are only 32lt so sliimer than Quro
  • Tornado roll bags?  Best mounted on a H&B alloy plate as the OEM rack is a bit narrow
  • Tail Pack? Goes straight on the OEM rear rack for waterproof storage

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Cruise2 - 22mm Black



Cruise2 - 22mm Silver


SKU: 610052_00_01

Universal rack enlargement plate SMALL black


SKU: 610052_00_09

Universal rack enlargement plate SMALL silver



Enduristan Monsoon 3 Panniers

From $321.00

SKU: LUSA-007_

Enduristan Blizzard Saddlebags

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Enduristan Sandstorm 4 Adventure Tank Bag



Enduristan Sandstorm 4 eXtreme Tank Bag

From $126.00

SKU: LUCA-501_

Enduristan Pannier Toppers

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Enduristan Tail Pack



Enduristan Tool Roll



Enduristan Fender Bag


SKU: OptiMate-2

OptiMate2 Charger