Riding School Protection

Yamaha MT 07 fitted with Hepoc Becker 5034560 Rider Protection Handlebar Guard from Motorcycle Adventure Products

Hepco & Becker support a select range of motorcycles used rider training or driving schools by not only offering their great crash bars but by also offering larger handlebar guards and rear crash protection guards.  These can minimise damage on a fall during a training session.  The range of bikes we support with additional protection guards are those as sold and used in the European market and for current models includes ...

Hepco & Becker Riding School Rear Crash Gaurd for BMW G310 R from Motorcycle Adventure Products







Honda CBR125R with Hepco & Becker engine guard - crash bars from Motorcycle Adventure Products

We also have protective gear for bikes that may no longer be in current production.  As shown by listing all riding school Hand & Rear guards below
(normal engine guards are listed against the bike)
If you cant find your bikes listed please use our
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SKU: 504970_00_01

Rear guard Honda NC 700 S black


SKU: 504973_00_01

Rear guard Honda NC 700 X black


SKU: 504212_00_01

Rear guard Kawasaki ER - 5 / 2001 on black


SKU: 5042507_00_01

Rear guard Kawasaki ER - 6f / 2009 - 2011 black


SKU: 504287_00_01

Rear guard Kawasaki ER - 6f / up to 2008 black


SKU: 5042527_00_01

Rear guard Kawasaki Ninja 650 / 2017 on black


SKU: 504334_00_01

Rear guard Suzuki GS 500 E / 2001 on black


SKU: 5043521_00_01

Rear guard Suzuki SFV 650 Gladius black


SKU: 5044537_00_05

Rear guard Yamaha MT-07 anthracite


SKU: 5044530_00_01

Rear guard Yamaha XJ 6 Diversion black