KTM 790 Adventure R fitting ROXSPEEDFX risers

Author: Shannon   Date Posted:8 August 2019 

Today we had a chance to fit some RoxSpeedfx bar risers to our KTM 790R Adventure bike. Being 6'1'' I found I was too hunched over when standing which was causing some lower back pain after a long ride.

We chose the Black 1 3/4" pivot riser.

After a quick shakedown ride down some local single track I can say I am very happy with the results.


KTM 790 Adventure R fitted with Roxspeedfx bar risers


KTM 790 Adventure R top view with RoxSpeedfx bar risers

I did re-route the two electric cables to under the handguard perch and left the clutch above.

No other mods, the risers bolted straight on.


KTM 790R Adventure cable rerouting on clutch side

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