20 September 2017

Put a Small Tankbag on a K1600GTL? M.A.P Can!

Put a Small Tankbag on a K1600GTL? M.A.P Can!

We had a customer drop in looking for a solution for a small tankbag for his K1600GTL that did not interfere with lock to lock movement of the handlebars (not easy as they rake back). With a bit of "test and adjust we found a solution.  A magnetic Daypack was the right size but there are no magnetic surfaces.  So we found the S1000XR Tank Ring 506003-6 by Hepco & Becker was compatible.  NB: Picture below shows the tank ring ready for the tankbag, normally there are aesthic covers over these magnets when a tankbag not attached.


Next was the Tankbag.  The customer liked H&Bs Street Daypack 2.  Just the right size, but just one problem, the bag is tapered and the front interfered on full lock.  Answer - reverse the bag!   Sounds easy but not quite, reversing meant the Daypack release stap had to face rearward. The next problem was the magnetic FIDLOCK mount, rather than attracting together when the tankbag came near it REPELLED! (as the bag was in reverse, but the ring was normal).  Showstopper? No we removed the magnets from the tankring & reversed their location.  Problem solved!  The only minor matter ws the Hepco Becker logo on the Daypack was upside! Answer just read it looking from the front of the bike.  Another interesting day helping customers find solutions at the Motorcycle Adventure Products test bench!    


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