Z 900 (2017-)

KAWASAKI Z900 for 2017 with Hepco & Becker motorcycle luggage and accessories from Motorcycle Adventure Products

The Z900 from KAWASAKI for 2017 gets a Hepco & Becker setup to become a travel-ready sportsbike!  With their new C-Bow Holder the carrying of luggage is no problem. There is also a Sportrack and a Lock it Tankring for the seat & tank luggage. For the protection of the machine, we have an Engine Guard inclusive Protection Pad in the sale. And for a better stand there is a side stand enlargement available from us.

ROK Straps - Australia own Motorcycle Straps! Looking for a great way to secure loose gear on your Z900, Consider ROK Straps Australia's own! 


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C-Bow holder Kawasaki Z 900 / (2017-) black


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Optimate 4DP Battery Charger


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Sportrack Kawasaki Z 900 / 2017 on