MZ MuZ Motorcycle Accessories and Luggage systems

MZ and MuZ Motorcycle Accessories and luggage systems.  Motorcycle Adventure Products offers premium products for late MZ and MuZ Husqvarna motorcycles. With Hepco Becker, Enduristan, Motorradical, Optimate, ROKstraps, ROXspeedfx and more, we have your motorcycling needs covered.


SKU: 650743_00_01

Sidecarrier MZ Country black


SKU: 650729_00_01

Complete carrier set MZ 500 R Classic black


SKU: 650709_00_02

Complete carrier set MZ ETZ 250 chrome


SKU: 650717_00_02

Complete carrier set MZ ETZ 251 chrome


SKU: 650738_00_02

Complete carrier set MZ Silverstar Classic 5 chrome


SKU: 650741_00_01

Complete carrier set MZ Skorpion Tour black


SKU: 650762_01_01

Rear rack MZ Mastiff / Bagahira black


SKU: 650738_01_02

Rear rack MZ Silverstar Classic 5 chrome