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Fitting Handlebar Risers - general thoughts

 We are often asked about fitting Handle Bar Risers, what's the procedure?
A ROX Speed FX Pivoting Bar Riser on a ADV B ike PN: 3R-P2SSN         A Hepco-Becker (Wunderlich) Block Riser on a BMW R1200GS PN 420655-02 or 03
This information is for 'guidance' only!  You should be competent at basic mechanical servicing
to undertake this work and if there any doubt, please take it to your authorised service centre
to have this work done! M.A.P accepts no responsibility for use of this information.

NB: Any changing of brake hoses will require rebleeding of your braking system, let alone safe
routing of the hoses on the chassis. Again we strongly recommend this work be undertaken
by your authorised service center!  


Also Before ordering it is worthwhile making a few checks to determine what parts you will need and
that your vehicle has adequate cable and brake line length (the first two steps below).  

Basically fitting any riser whether it's a block or a pivoting one is the same procedure! 
FIRST!  Measure the diameter of the handlebar at a point between the two clamping blocks
            This tells you what size riser to choose.  
The diameter will either be 22MM (7/8inch) 25 (1inch) or
            31mm (1&1/8inch - new R1200GSwc) 
 .... Now

Place a cover over your tank eg. A towel to support the handlebar while inserting the riser

Loosen the top triple clamps

Hold the bars & remove the clamps fully & lay bars on the tank

Block Riser? Place the riser onto the triple clamp, replace bars & refit the OEM caps
using the supplied longer bolts

Pivot Riser? Place the riser onto the triple clamp, replace the OEM caps on the triple clamp with the standard bolts.  Now remount the bars into the riser clamp & refit the riser caps using its bolts.

Make all the bolts finger tight.

Sitting on the bike, set the bars, their height & angle to a spot that best suits you ergonomically

Tighten all bolts firmly & correctly

NOW  With the bike on the centre stand (preferably), start the motor & with the engine idling, turn the bars from lock to lock.  There should be no increase in RPM nor should any cable, wiring or hydraulic hose snag & impede the free movement of the bars! 

If there is any impediment - start again & in doing so reroute the offending part in such a way that it is not impeded. EG. Cables routing under the bar instead of over is one 'suggestion' 

In some rare cases, brake or clutch hydraulic lines may be a problem in that now they are too short. To resolve this you may need to reroute the hose run OR calculate the extra length required & get a custom hose made!  We recommend John Stanmas PL of Cooroy QLD, the Goodridge (UK) importer as a good supplier!


Fitting Risers Super Tenere (Note: risers change 2015 on)

Block Risers - If fitting a block of up to 25mm height then there is no problem.

Pivoting ROX Risers - First only the 2" (or 50mm) risers fit & pivot correctly (don't use the 1&3/4") 
Some customers have found difficulty in getting the hydraulic lines to work & one had longer custom units made up in braided stainless (often a good performance move over standard or aged rubber hoses in any case).  Here we recommend John Stanmas PL of Cooroy QLD, the Goodrige (UK) importer as a good supplier!

However, ROX SpeedFX has a new solution that entails rerouting the hoses, replacing one bracket and bending a cable routing bracket (loop).  Their experience proven on their own bike is that the hoses-cables DO NOT have to be changed and this is their recommended method.


On the right-hand side of the headstock, the OEM hydraulic line bracket (L) is replaced by the aftermarket hose clip (R) 
(Auto parts store eg. Repco/ SupaCheap etc)  

Locate the hose clip using the original bolt & location - ensure you use a rubber-lined clip to prevent chaffing! 


As for the clutch line, remove the line from the stock bracket. Bend the bracket open, then zip ties the line to the mounting hole of the opened bracket.  Consider also zip tying a piece of ¼” (6.4mm) fuel line below the hose connection to make sure it does not rub on the frame of the bike.


With the throttle cables, bend the stock bracket upward so that it points toward the right side of the boke (not flat as this holds cables 2 inches out).  This frees up cable length & orients them better.


The wiring harness is removed from the wire retainer to the right of the key switch (Sitting on the bike) to free up some length.  Consider cable ties to make sure they don't snag etc.


FITTED!  But As a performance tip though - down the track, as the bike ages, stainless
steel braided lines are a better option than any OEM rubber hose! 


Want to upgrade your classic R2V GS panniers to modern Hepco & Becker motorcycle luggage?  Well, it is actually very easy!   The OEM side frames on BMWs R2V GS both monolever & paralever all conform to the classic Krauser side frame.  Developed by Mike Krauser & supplied to BMW.  Today Hepco & Becker own the rights to modern & classic Krauser equipment.  Hence all modern H&B cases fit into the same frame loop.

The only difference in the classic GS case series and the R series klassic touring cases is mounting.  When BMW changed case supplier for the new square shape (post-1980), they changed to a claw style side lock & did away with the 2 mounting tabs on the frame tubes.  Do you have those claw locks on your cases?  If you have never checked, ensure the rubber block under the claw has not fallen out.  Road vibration can see early lock failure without that block.  Needless to say, the modern Hepco & Becker lock is a much more robust proposition!

OK!  Any modern H&B case will fit into those frames just like the OEM cases, but how do you engage the lock?  It is simple just buy QTY 2 H&B lock adaptor mounting kits for your frames PN:700024  This mounts the lock adaptor to the frame tube & then the case just locks securely on as per normal!



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  3. Our Tips
    a.KTM say to remove the water filter, this is optional.
       If you wish to retain the water filter,  unscrew it 
       from the tap & cut approx 10mm off the tube & then 
       refit it (about 1 turn).  This stops the filter being 
       squashed or bent against the case inner wall.
    b.To fill, remove both black rubber bumps stops & pour
       water into one end. Tip! A small funnel helps.
    c.DONT overtighten the two screws & the use of 
       a little silicon 'may' be necessary
    d.Cleaning! Treat the case like a water bottle, make sure
       it is dry inside / drained before storage. Also periodically use 
       a good bottle wash to sterilise the inner walls (annual?)