DR650SE 1996-2017

uzuki's DR650 Adventure Bike with Hepco Becker luggage frames and either H&B AL hard cases OR Enduristan Monsoon soft panniers!

Motorcycle Adventure Products have a great accessory range from Hepco & Becker and Enduristan for the Suzuki DR650 1996 to present! DR650s have NOT been sold in the EU since ~2000!   But as the chassis parts remain unchanged to present Hepco & Becker's 1996 fit jut fine.  We have engine / tank guards (but if fit large aftermaret tanks ...) luggage frames, rear racks, hard luggage, soft luggage and more. 

NB: The above photo shows just two choices of luggage.  Hard alloy cases from H&B and soft panniers from Enduristan.  Both mounted on H&B frames. 

Looking for the best way to secure loose gear onto your DR? OR The best waterproof ADVenture soft luggage system?

Click here for ROK Straps - Australia own Motorcycle Straps! Click here for more on Enduristan from Switzerland



SKU: 650381_00_Side

Side carrier only Suzuki DR 650 SE / 1996 on black


SKU: 650381_00_01

Complete carrier set Suzuki DR 650 SE / 1996 on black


SKU: 650381_01_01

Rear rack Suzuki DR 650 SE / 1996 on black


SKU: 502305_00_01

Engine guard Suzuki DR 650 SE / 1996 on black


SKU: 610053_00_01

Universal enlargement plate black


SKU: 610052_00_01

Universal rack enlargement plate SMALL black



Enduristan Monsoon 3 Panniers



Enduristan Inferno Heat Shield



Enduristan Small Parts Organiser

$59.00 $45.00


Enduristan Tool Roll PRICE REDUCED