R 100 GS (1987-1994)

BMW R100GS PD fitted with Hepco & Becker 650608 asymmetric side frames and ALU standard cases

With Hepco & Becker you can either add new luggage choices to your existing OEM frame set OR you can replace a worn OEM frame with a new Krauser period frame set available in either asymmetric (std high pipe) or sysmmetric (for low pipes) forms.  Either way, we can supply a range of both asymmetric or symmetric luggge solutions.  This PD does pose a slight problem as BMW built the rear rack into the sub frame.  We do have a rear rack that mounts to the top of that which them mounts any of our top cases.  Another customer made his own solution (for solo work) by mounting one of our generic top case mounts onto the top of his OEM solo seat rear rack. 
NB: He had to make lift brackets so that underneath the top case the release lock was accessible.   We can also supply replacement seat kits and solo seat racks from Siebenrock to replace the dual seat (POA) 



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OptiMate2 Charger


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Optimate O6 SAE-AUTO Power Outlet Socket Optimate O6


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Sidecarrier symmetric BMW R 100 GS / 1988 on black


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Rear rack BMW R 100 GS / 1988 on black